Services Offered



Preparation of the federal tax return 1040 and all required schedules and any state return.


Preparation of the federal corporate tax returns (1120, 1120S or 1065) and any state business tax return.


Preparation of the federal return 990 and, if required, the state renewal forms for the license to solicit donations.


Preparation of the federal return 706 if the estate assets exceed the IRS limit.


Preparation of federal tax return 1041 (state return too if necessary) for trusts and estates that generate annual income and expenses before all assets are distributed.

Financial Attestation


Perform a financial audit of the financial statements requiring an opinion as to the accuracy of the financial statements taken as a whole. (The highest level of service.)


Perform a financial review of the financial statements requiring an opinion in order to ascertain that there are no material misstatements in the figures. (The next level of service.)


Perform a compilation of the records (bookkeeping). (The lowest level of service for financial statements where no assurance is placed on the figures.)


Preparation of the quarterly forms (usually four), year end W-2s and 1099s, and Michigan Annual Summary. We do not process payroll checks for the clients.

Business Evaluation

Offer a reasonable estimate of a business based on industry standards and the present value of future cash flow projections.

Business Consulting

Perform an analysis of the business for discussion purposes with the owner in the areas of cash flow, breakeven, cost savings, ratio analysis and others.

Personal Budget

Formulate a plan that attempts to increase monthly cash flow that promotes future savings and ultimately leads to financial security.